• Phil Davis

Add a closet without drywall dust

We installed a closet in a basement room. The basement room already had a daylight window, but no closet. To consider this room a bedroom it needed a closet. The client did not want drywall dust in her home. Did some research and found this


closet system at Menards.

The closet can have drawers shelves clothes rods. The cabinet doors can have glass inserts instead of being solid. All hinges are soft close. Jill doesn't plan on using it as a closet at this point. She will use it for storage of her gift wrapping and other items. she decided to have only shelves on the left side and the right side would be the closet rods. Will probably never hang clothes in it. we'll just put larger boxes on the right side. but at some point when the home is sold this room will now be considered a bedroom. Closet daylight window check.

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