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Grab Bar Installation Options

Do you or a loved one need extra support in the bathroom or around your home?


The bathroom is the number one place for slips and falls for people of all ages and abilities. Grab bars can help with mobility and stability to help prevent many bathroom related accidents.

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Phil Davis, The Best Home Guys Owner, can help determine potential hazard areas in your home and make safety modifications to keep you and your loved ones safe. Let us help you stay safe at home by installing grab barshand rails, or remodeling a bathroom to make the bathroom more accessible for elderly, individuals with disabilities, or anyone with mobility or balance issues.

"You need a grab bar, before you need a grab bar."

The Best Home Guys offers a full range of grab bar installation services to provide a safer environment in your bathroom or any room. Whether it is to support and improve stability and function when standing and sitting or to lend a hand when getting in or out of a bath tub or shower, we properly install the highest quality grab bars that are designed to add safety features without sacrificing decor. We offer many styles and color options that are both stylish and functional. We are sure to find just the right style to enhance your existing bathroom decor.

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