Tub Cut-Out Conversion FAQs
  • What does a tub cut-out conversion cost?

The Best Home Guys offers package pricing that includes:

  • Selected CleanCut model

  • Installation per manufacturer specifications

  • Removal of tub drain stopper for Step and Ultra-Low models

  • Protection of floors from front door to bathtub

  • Protection of bathroom floor and walls (steel and cast iron tubs include protection of ceiling from metal particles that may rust)

  • Clean up and disposal of all debris

  • Additional items that may be added include: removal of bathtub shower doors; installation of shower rod, grab bars, and other accessories.

  • We honor CleanCut coupons

CleanCut tub pricing matrix.png
  • What options do I have to pay for the installation?
    We accept check, cash, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. A deposit of $300 is required at the time the install appointment is scheduled. The balance is due when the install is completed.


  • Do you accept coupons from CleanCut?
    Yes. We will honor all coupons the CleanCut offers. Let us know at the time we schedule, so we can adjust your invoice before installation.

  • Do your products work with a cast iron tub?
    Yes – CleanCut products have been installed on hundreds of cast iron tubs.

  • Why is the installation in a cast iron tub more expensive?
    Cutting the cast iron is time consuming and very messy. We use a diamond blade angle grinder to cut through the cast iron. This creates a lot of iron dust in the bathroom. To protect your bathroom, we cover all walls, ceilings and floors. The craftsman doing the work must wear a Tyvek suit, hood, goggles and breathing mask. We’ve done it many times, but it is still messy.

  • Why is the installation in an acrylic tub more expensive?
    Cutting the acrylic tub and removing the section causes the remaining sides of the tub to flex. To keep the tub sides from flexing, we custom cut templates to fit inside the void of the tub walls to make them rigid.

  • Why do you remove the drain assembly with the installation of the CleanCut Step and CleanCut Ultra-low models?
    With the Step and Ultra-low models, your bathtub can only be used as a shower. If someone were to accidentally closing the drain with the water running, the water would flow over the lowered area and onto the bathroom floor. To prevent this, we remove the drain assembly.

  • I have glass doors on my tub that slide past each other. Can I keep the glass doors?
    Sorry, but you cannot keep the glass doors. We can remove them before installing your selected CleanCut model and install a shower rod if you choose to have us do this for you.

  • I have a whirlpool tub. Can a CleanCut model be installed in a whirlpool tub?
    Sorry, but no. A whirlpool tub has hose between the sides that interfere when cutting the tub and don’t allow for an insert to be installed.

  • What are the CleanCut models made from?
    All CleanCut inserts are made of composite polyethylene plastic – an extremely durable, hard plastic.

  • Where are the CleanCut models made?
    CleanCut models are proudly made in the USA!

  • Are the CleanCut Door and Convertible models guaranteed not to leak?
    The water tight seals are backed by a 3 year Limited warranty by CleanCut.

  • How long will it take to complete the installation?
    A typically installation can be completed within 2-4 hours.

  • Can I buy the CleanCut model myself and have The Best Home Guys install it?
    Yes you can. We are glad to install the model you purchase.

  • What color choices do I have? 
    White & Beige for all models: Step, Ultra-low, Door and Convertible

  • My bathtub has a liner. Can I still get a CleanCut product installed?
    We do not recommend installing a CleanCut product on a tub with a liner. Why? You might not know what is under the liner.  If it is a cast iron tub, the heat from the cut can melt the liner.  Also, the liner could become loose from the back and forth movement of the cutting during installation.

  • Can I add a Door to a Step?
    Unfortunately, you cannot add a Door to an existing Step, because the part of the tub you cut out for the Step is too large for the Door insert to fit. The best option would be to purchase a Convertible, which has the same size cut out, take out the Step insert and replace with the Convertible.

  • Which hinge side should I get for the Door?
    We recommend getting the hinge side on whatever side the faucet is on in the tub. For example, if you look at your tub and the plumbing is on the left side, you would get a Left-Hinged door (the Door will open towards the plumbing).

  • Do your products work with a clawfoot tub?
    Unfortunately, CleanCut products are unable to be installed in clawfoot style bathtubs due to their unique design. Clawfoot tubs have just a single bathtub sidewall (what you step over to get into the tub) and are often elevated on “feet”. CleanCut products are designed to be installed in more traditional-style bathtubs that have a tub rail or wall that is comprised of an inside and outside wall that extends completely to the floor.

  • What would my new step-through height be with a CleanCut insert installed?
    Your new step-in height is dependent on the original height of your tub. To find your approximate step-up height with a CleanCut product, first measure the height of your tub as it is now. Then, subtract the template height (which is what you will cut out of your tub) from your original height.

    For the Step and Convertible products, this would be 8.5 inches. This will give you the new step-through height. This is approximate - the product will overlap the cut out a bit - but will give you a good idea of the new threshold to step over with a CleanCut unit.

    For the Ultra-Low, subtract 14 inches from the original tub height. Please note that the Ultra-Low is designed to fit high-profile tubs, and in order for it to work on your tub, the tub must be at least 14.75 inches tall on both the inside and outside of the tub. If your tub does not fit this requirement, we recommend the Step or Convertible product.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free contact us!