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Are you tired of not finding what you're looking for in your cabinets? 

Have you ever gotten down on your knees in front of a kitchen cabinet with your flashlight, just so you could try and find that pan you haven’t used for a while?

We offer innovative solutions to help with your storage and organization needs. Our custom slide out shelf solutions allow you store more and get to it all quickly and easily. We utilize all your space effectively and keep you off your knees and standing upright!

Hard-to-access areas in cabinets in the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, garage, office or any room are simply a waste of space and resources. You likely store food and kitchen items way back in the dark recesses of your cabinets where you have to lean down and get on your knees to search and reach them. But chances are, those appliances, dishes, food items in the back will simply collect dust and never get used. Many people leave those back shelves empty altogether and cram things all in one area so that they can access them more easily.


We provide an elegant solution - pull out cabinet organizers. These slide-out drawers and shelves are made with quality craftsmanship, custom-made to fit your existing cabinets, and make all your cabinet space easily accessible!

Phil Davis, owner of our sister company, Slide Out Shelf Solutions, will be happy to schedule a FREE consultation to determine which slide-out solutions will work best for you and help you utilize ALL of the space in your existing cabinets.

"Great convenience. Wonderful for any age as you use all your storage without crawling on the floor, unloading the front to reach items in the back. Wouldn't be without them all throughout the house."

— Karen P., Goddard, KS

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Replace lazy-susan with 3 pullouts

Replacing our client's lazy-susan with 3 pull out shelves made it easy for her to reach and see all her items.